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Website development

We build websites in a "handmade" way, which means that the combination of aesthetics and the way the content is presented is unique, while the code is fresh and exclusively intended only for the needs of each website.

The implementation of a website is a meticulous process guided by our pursuit of technical and aesthetic excellence. We approach each website as a unique project, placing great emphasis on optimal communication with our customers. This dialogue ensures a full understanding of requirements and objectives, laying the foundation for a successful partnership.

As for the technical part of website development, the most tested and modern technologies are used. The website is based on the content management platform Joomla (and in special cases WordPress) with the help of approved tools/extensions. In addition, we have developed our own extensions that aim for optimal performance and usability, deviating from common commercial extensions that focus exclusively on sales.

Website development

What is the website creation process?

  1. Defining and registering the domain name.
  2. Defining the content (logo, contact information, texts, photographic material, brochures, certificates, etc.).
  3. Defining the appearance and structure of the content (main menu, secondary menus, home page, product list, etc.).
  4. Implementation.
  5. Final actions for SEO (compression of images, optimization of titles and urls, etc.).
  6. Enabling hosting, setting up the website and using Google tools.
  7. Delivery of the website to the client and training with short videos.

What is involved in building a website?

Building a website is a multifaceted process that includes several stages, from conception to execution. It is a combination of creativity, expertise and strategic planning aimed at creating a digital presence that reflects the identity, purpose and offerings of a business, organization or individual in the vast landscape of the web.

This effort typically includes several core elements, from design, development, content creation, and optimization for usability and search engines, to more advanced features such as e-commerce integration, media galleries, and booking forms.

  • Domain name
    • Domain owner information (person, company, organization)
  • Hosting
  • SSL encryption (https)
  • Basic information:
    • objective
    • logo
    • contact information (address, phone, mobile, email, opening hours)
  • Content:
    • profile
    • services
    • products:
      • categories
      • information per product:
        • category
        • title
        • main photo
        • secondary photos
        • short description
        • detailed description
        • price
        • product code
        • characteristics: weight, dimensions, color, size, material, duration, etc.
      • search
      • pagination
      • sorting
      • filtering
    • work samples
    • clients
    • testimonials
    • news (blog)
    • certificates
    • frequent asked questions
    • infrastructure and equipment (photos and/or text)
    • presentation video
    • pricelist
    • etc
  • Secondary pages:
    • privacy policy
    • terms of use
    • sitemap
  • Menu:
    • Main menu
      • Version for desktops
        Version for mobiles
    • Secondary menu
  • Operations:
    • content search
    • newsletter registration
    • forms:
      • contact
      • offers
      • reservations
      • job availability
      • calculation of results
    • pop-up messages:
      • announcements
      • offers
      • promotion of products and/or services
    • user account
      • login
      • registration
      • profile
      • logout
    • limited access to content
    • Google map
    • live chat/support
    • etc
  • Web page appearance:
    • Basic colors
    • Display template
    • Fonts
    • Decorative pictures
    • Pictograms and icons
    • Effects
    • Favicon
  • Images:
    • Find decorative photos
    • Resizing (shrinking and/or cropping)
    • Color correction (contrast, vibrancy, shadows, etc.)
    • Image modification to remove or correct objects
    • Image modification by adding a filter
    • Change type (jpg, png, webp, avif)
    • Photo compression
    • Create thumbnails
  • Video:
    • Basic processing
    • Compression
    • Embedding on the website (directly or via YouTube)
  • Social networks
    • Links for follow us and/or social sharing
  • Writing code:
    • for the display of the website (CSS)
    • for interactive features (Javascript)
    • for personalized functions
  • Eshop:
    • categories:
      • product classification
      • product pagination
      • product filtering
      • product view (list or grid)
    • products:
      • multiple categories
      • title
      • main photo
      • secondary photos
      • short description
      • detailed description
      • price
      • product code
      • manufacturer
      • characteristics: weight, dimensions, color, size, material, duration, etc.
      • option with/without price modification
      • reserve
      • tag
      • special discount
      • type: physical or electronic
      • related products
    • product cart:
      • mini
      • emerging
      • classic
    • checkout:
      • with or without using a customer account
    • payment methods:
      • pay on delivery
      • bank account deposit
      • PayPal
      • credit card
      • etc
    • shipping methods:
      • for natural products:
        • pick up from the store
        • delivery by courier
        • delivery by carrier
      • for digital products:
        • download via email
        • download through customer account
    • shipping charges:
      • without cost
      • steady price
      • based on region
      • based on weight
      • free based on total
      • special price per product
    • discounts:
      • fixed price discount
      • percentage discount
      • discount based on quantity
      • discount based on customer
    • reviews/comments
    • coupons
    • gift vouchers
    • search:
      • live
      • classic
    • product comparison
    • favorite products
    • brief display of products
      • recent products
      • best selling products
      • suggested products
      • products in specific categories
    • customer
      • client menu
      • profile
      • order history
      • saved addresses
      • download digital products
    • terms of use:
      • general instructions for orders
      • payment methods
      • shipping
      • product return
    • etc
  • Content languages (Greek, English, etc.):
    • Doubling the original language content for each new language (except images)
    • Mapping content between languages
    • Language switching function
  • Optimization (SEO):
    • Mobile compatibility check with Google tool
    • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) addresses
    • Optimization of page and browser titles
    • Modifying content to better include keywords
    • Use H1 tags on all pages
    • Use of metadata
    • Internal links
    • Logically graded navigation path (breadcrumbs)
    • Sitemap
    • Optimized images
    • Website speed improvement (gzip, css and javascript compression, cache activation)
    • Use alt tags on images
    • Clean code
    • Actions to rank better in Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Disclosure to search engines
  • Google tools:
  • GDPR compliance:
    • Choosing to use cookies
    • Choice of consent to the use of personal data on each form
    • Request to disclose or delete personal data
    • Privacy policy
  • Accessibility for disabled people:
    • Website compatibility with code modifications
    • Accessibility tool
  • Website administration:
    • User management
    • Text management
    • Menu management
    • Image management
    • Contact management
    • Parameter management
    • Wastebasket
    • Backup option
    • Website upgrade
  • Website traffic statistics
  • Functionality control:
    • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
    • Devices: desktops, mobiles
  • Email accounts:
    • Create accounts
    • Instructions for setting up accounts in email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.)
  • Accompanying material:
    • Website management training and its tools through short videos
    • Delivery of a copy of the website if requested by the customer
  • Website maintenance on an annual basis:
    • Domain and hosting renewal
    • Refresh the code
    • Backup download and local storage
    • Manage email accounts
    • Technical settings

Technologies and tools

Below are some of the technologies, standards and tools we use to build websites:

Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, PHP, SASS.

Frameworks, platforms and components: Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Joomla, SVG, Swiper, Wordpress.

Tools: Apache, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, CloudFlare, cPanel, FileZilla, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Fonts, Google Maps, Google Meet, Google My Business, Google Pagespeed Insights, Google Search Console, mySQL, Paypal, phpMyAdmin, Plesk, Skype, YouTube, Visual Studio Code, XAMPP.

Browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari.

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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