In most website development projects we use Google's products. Google has developed a group of useful and free tools that are intended to strengthen the presence of a website on the internet. Depending on the needs of each site we use some or all of these tools.

The Google products we use are:

  • Google - Submit your content: Tool that states the existence of the new website in the Google index.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Tool that provides technical details about the situation and the appropriateness of the website operation.
  • Google Sitemap: This tool indicates to Google the structure of the website and helps to faster understanding of the structural changes in it.
  • Google Analytics: Tool with which the website owner can see rich information about the website traffic.
  • Google Maps: Interactive maps the user can find points of interest and travel instructions to them. This tool is integrated into the site to view the location of your business on the map.
  • Google ReCaptcha: Protects your website forms from being used for spam emails or actions.
  • YouTube: Famous website where anyone can upload one or more videos. There is possibility of these videos to be integrated and viewed within your website.
  • Gmail: One of the most popular email services.
  • Google Plus!: Social networking tool. It is another way to announce and publish opinions and news about any subject (business, service, hobby, club, organization, etc).

If you do not already have an account that allows access to these tools then we create one for you, we do the configuration in these tools we deliver the password for exclusive access from you.

Google products such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics, YouTube etc.