The implementation of a website is to us a systematic process, which should is based on technical and aesthetic integrity. Each project is unique and therefore we focus on proper communication with our customers, to fully understand their requirements and establish targets.

We build "handmade" websites which means that the combination of aesthetics, content structure and presentation is unique for each site.

In the technical part of the website development we use the most known and advanced technologies. The website is based to a CMS (content management system), which is Joomla, and to latest version tools. The updates are possible after the completion of construction. So your website is always safe and compliant with the latest standards.

The issues that concern us during the web design are:

  • Domain name.
  • Website hosting.
  • Email accounts.
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • E-commerce.
    • Payment methods.
    • Shipping methods.
    • Product import.
  • Template.
  • Mobile and smart devices compatibility.
  • Content and structure.
  • Languages.
  • Extensions for the CMS.
  • Logo.
  • Main menu and secondary menus.
  • Homepage.
  • Contact page.
  • Location map.
  • Spam protection (emails, comments, forms, posts etc).
  • Hacking protection.
  • SEO.
  • Sitemap (HTML και XML).
  • Socla media ("Follow us" και "Like us").
  • Traffic statistics.
  • Search engine submission.
  • Training in Joomla administration.


Here are some of the technologies and standards we use:
HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, XML, Javascript, jQuery, Flash, PHP, mySQL

The internet (internet) currently has a huge influence on knowledge, formulating opinions and communication, and has equally affect entrepreneurship and trade. Millions of users each day using the Internet for both business and recreational purposes.

The research results show that a growing percent of internet users use the web to find a company that will offer the product or service they need. Moreover, the presence of a business online completes, enhances and strengthens the identity in the scope of its activities.

Hi-tech website development with Joomla.