The term graphic design refers to a set of artistic and professional principles which are concentrated on visual communication and presentation. Various methods are being used for generating and combining symbols, icons and words in order to have a visual representation of ideas and messages. A designer may use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result.

Like art, so the graphic design is a subjective matter. A plan which can be applied to any business is almost impossible to apply to another, since each has its own identity. The identity of a company is displayed and highlighted through the optical communication with the underlying and prospective customers. The graphic design is targeting an attractive and effective visual communication and visibility.

We aim to provide high quality graphic works:

  • We carry out extensive research of the market and audience your business refers to.
  • We capture the spirit and temperament of your business.
  • We are ready to listen to your requests and suggestions.

A little history

The term graphic design was invented in the 20s by William Andison, using two English words, the first coming from the Greek language (grafo- graphic) and the other from Latin (disegno means drawing), in order to determine a new profession that had gradually developed in industrial societies and which until then had no specific name.

Graphic design.