The web hosting services we provide, can satisfy every need of your website. The solutions we offer are characterized by a great balance between cost and quality.

Contact us to discuss the web hosting package that suits your needs and choose through a set of features and technologies. Meanwhile get an idea of the hosting characteristics that satisfies the majority of the websites:

Web hosting features:

  • Disk space: 15 GB
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB / month
  • Subdomains and domain aliases: Unlimited
  • Database: MySQL
  • E-mail accounts: Απεριόριστοι
  • Scripting language: PHP
  • Renewal: Yearly
  • Spam filter: Spam Experts
  • Web server: LiteSpeed


A unique feature of our service is that it includes the maintenance and upgrading of the website. This means that we periodically upgrade the code (eg dynamic sites) to ensure proper operation and to avoid attacks by hackers. Even if eventually the website hit by hackers, within hours we restore the website to normal operation, while new measures taken for extra protection.

Website hosting without limits.